Birthstone Name Necklace



Make your necklace unique with birthstones of the ones you love. Your choice of the stone and name allows you to create your perfect necklace. Create a unique mothers birthstone necklace or a kids birthstone necklace in 14kt goldfilled material.

Select your name and enter them in the contact form before adding to cart.

January: garnet – February: amethyst
March: aquamarine – April: diamond
May: emerald – June: pearl – July: ruby
August: peridot – September: sapphire
October: opal – November: citrine
December: turquoise


  • 14kt goldfilled box chain
  • 14kt goldfilled name tag
  • 2 birthstones

Please be aware that custom made products cannot be returned or exchanged. Any changes made after the order is placed will be at your expense.