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I will be going on pregnancy leave for a little while and will not be taking custom orders. For questions about returns and gift vouchers you can contact us at hello@aeva.amsterdam. If you’d like to receive notification of when the shop re-opens, kindly please leave me a message or follow us on social media to stay informed of all developments: https://www.instagram.com/aevajewellery/ Thank you! X Anne Eva

Let's go together - Monk & Anna x ÆVA

They say two is better than one and that is why we decided to combine our eye for esthetics and love for creation and giving. Together we made a jewellery collection that comes in pretty boxes. Soon in stores.

Filed under News on 4 April 2019

Interview | Meet the maker

Jewelry brand AEVA seeks inspiration in everyday beauty. Founder Anne Eva creates every piece by hand in her characteristic Amsterdam atelier, resulting in authentic looking jewelry that stand the test of time. We visited Anne Eva (and her cute dog Teun) to talk about her design process, timeless aesthetic and the art of imperfection.

Filed under News on 12 March 2019

Guide | How to open and close your earrings?

A guide to open and close your hoop earrings correctly.

Filed under News on 2 February 2018

How to take care of your beloved jewellery?

We have some tips for you to keep your jewellery just the way you bought it. They are made to last a long time and it's quite easy to maintain. In this post we gathered all the things you need to know.

Filed under News on 2 November 2018

Custom Made Jewellery

It's nice to give something beautiful, something extra. Here you can read about our custom made jewellery. We love to give it something extra to make it special and more meaningful.

Filed under News on


Gold filled, 14kt, 24kt, solid gold and so on. You would say gold is gold, right? Everything may look the same, but there are quite some differences between all these terms. In this post we would love to explain them to you and help you understand the value of each kind.

Filed under News on 25 September 2018

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