Jewelry brand AEVA seeks inspiration in everyday beauty. Founder Anne Eva creates every piece by hand in her characteristic Amsterdam atelier, resulting in authentic looking jewelry that stand the test of time. We visited Anne Eva (and her cute dog Teun) to talk about her design process, timeless aesthetic and the art of imperfection.

Hi Anne Eva. How did you start AEVA?
After I graduated from Fashion Design in Arnhem, I started working for several jewelry brands. However, I felt something was missing and started my own label. I enjoy the entire process from jewelry making to photoshoots to strategy. One moment, I am experimenting with material and the next moment I am designing displays for AEVA on fairs. The entire journey is very special and I learn from everyone I work with. I am constantly surrounded by everything that inspires me. It feels great!

How would you describe AEVA?
Everyday beauty is what triggers me. I create every piece by hand and I love the imperfections that show as a result of this. I was contacted by factories in India to take production out of my hands, but it does not feel the right direction for AEVA to head into. Wanting to do too much or making everything perfect leaves little room for creativity. With AEVA, I hope to show that imperfection can be just as beautiful.

Could you tell us something about the design process?
I create all jewelry by intuition and every design develops organically. Material is a very important factor in the process and often a starting point for experimentation. I like to keep all materials and embellishments on display in my atelier. This way, I stay inspired by everything around me; almost like a real life mood board where things can be mixed and matched as the week progresses. I don’t believe in fixed seasons and I only release a design when it is truly done. 

How do you test the jewelry?
I usually wear them on myself. I find it important to use the designs in everyday settings to truly understand their qualities. I also often wear new pieces to parties or dinners to test the response haha!

Do you have a personal favorite?
I love the ‘Hoops Earrings’. They are timeless, still playful. And you can wear them with almost anything.
I also love the ‘Thin Twisted Earcuff’. It is perfect for people who are considering to take a conch (piercing in the middle of the ear). However, even when you do not want a piercing, they can still give a cool and decorative touch.

What is so special about gold filled material?
I use 14k gold filled material which we don’t see a lot in the Netherlands. It is often mistaken for gold plated techniques, but these two materials are nothing alike. The golden layer of gold filled is twenty times more thick than gold plated jewelry. When used correctly, gold filled items can last a lifetime.

Any requests you get often?
People often ask me to put a name in a ring or necklace which fits perfectly with the personal and authentic qualities I see in jewelry. Recently, all items are also available in 100% silver and gold. People also often ask me to make a design using a birth stone, which is fun because there are so many different qualities that you can base a design on.

Any future plans for AEVA?
I would love to combine my love for interior, styling and jewelry into one physical location. People are very welcome to visit me in my atelier and I have noticed that a physical connection, including trying on the jewerly, is very important. I would also love to play around with more outspoken concepts such as organizing a diner where jewelry plays and important role.

– Hutspot | February 25, 2019